Vision Board Reality

Make Your Vision Board Become Your Reality

For the Spiritual Entrepreneur who is ready to run a Business that provides them with Freedom, Impact & Income

It’s time for you to prioritize your freedom, the lifestyle that you know you truly desire, so you can eradicate any blocks standing in the way of your DREAMS becoming your REALITY!


Your dreams awaits

“The only one who determines what’s possible for you, is you”

Tell me if this is you:

You already have a business but you know it can be more streamlined, it could be working better, it could feel more aligned, but you don’t know the actual steps.

You’ve already tried the cookie-cutter strategies from the freebies or low ticket offers, but they do not work for you, you want guidance on how to run your business so it is 100% aligned to you and your soul – making your unique work available to your dream clients

You feel like you always sacrifice time from your personal life to make sure you are making ends meet.

You came into business because you wanted freedom but you are actually just as chained (if not more!) to work as you were to your old 9-5 job.

You love what you do, but you feel like every time you face a difficult situation, you end up in a chaotic rollercoaster of emotions and your business suffers

What if I told you, you could:

Live a life of freedom with a business that supports that

Wake up every morning feeling calm and confident with the work you are doing – and the best part is? Work doesn’t even feel like work!

Love showing up & sharing your wisdom & knowledge to your audience

Feel empowered & bold enough to speak your truth wether that’s online in your marketing, with your clients or at the family dinner table.

Have a radical sense of self trust & know how to handle the difficult situations you face

What if I told you that your next level of freedom, money & confidence is on the other side of you committing to your own power & trusting yourself?

“Through working with Laura I went from self doubt to falling in love with the person I was becoming. And as I started my business I had clients from day one!”

– Maria Attrup, Coach

They key to creating a life that’s litterally your vision board becoming your reality is breaking through hold habits, limiting beliefs, learn the how to’s — and to step fully embodied into your personal power.

Here’s why we don’t just do that

  • You were taught to ignore your intuition to follow the “normal” way of life
  • You don’t have the needed support system
  • Your inner critic is constantly telling you “you are not good enough!”
  • You haven't learned how to actually build a business
  • You haven't learned to listen to your intuition to create from your heart

I get it! Coz I’ve been there.

Hello! I’m Laura Loop.

I know how you feel. It can be overwhelming knowing, you desire to live a completely different life than the one you are living now.
I used to live a life “like you are supposed to” but I always felt like there had to be more. You know?

Back in 2016 I lived crippled with anxiety in a relationship that didn’t serve me, in a home I didn’t feel safe in, with 3 unfulfilling jobs, studying my masters degree – and an innate feeling that there simply has to be more to life than this. But how the hell do I get there?!
I was numbed with fear. Not wanting to disappoint anyone. Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings. Wanting to do “what was right”. But I had to stop and ask: right for who?

I started my journey of transforming my fear to my power.

Since then I’ve stepped into my power, I’ve let go of the need to fit into the boxes of society and completely changed my entire life!
Now I own my own home, I’ve built amazing relationships with my friends and family, I’ve built a business that made money from day 1 – and the best of all? I’m happier than I ever thought possible!

All this is possible for you too! 

My clients thought is was “too good to be true” but this is what they said:

"I can finally feel ideas coming through for my business after feeling so lost, confused and overwhelmed for YEARS! Before I would look outside of myself for inspiration but now I am going within"

– Lizzie Vince, Business Mentor & Happiness Coach

"My business has physically manifested itself with lightning speed! In every session you touch my heart and initiate new processes for my growth & my business’ growth."

Pernille Borggaard, Pedagogical Consultant & Speaker

Before you know it, this could be your reality:

  • You wake up every morning feeling excited to get started!
  • When things go wrong in you biz or personal life it doesn’t shake you so much & you rebound faster
  • You feel so much JOY & anxiety is completely gone!
  • You don't dim to fit in - you SHINE unapologetically in who you are
  • You don’t find your business stressful anymore
  • You’ve got so much free time - being able to pick up the kids early, sleep in, go for a run in the middle of the day
  • You no longer avoid any tasks in your business because of blocks, you are leaning into them and as a result your business is thriving more and more.

We worked on my limiting belief that I can’t have it all (it turns out that yes I can work in a corporate setting AND be a practicing coach! The time we spent together was time I spent loving myself, in your presence.”

– Cathrine, Coach & Project Manager 

Read the full testimonial here

Oh Laura,

I’m so proud of the work we’ve done together.

You gave me a space to explore my values, my dreams, my thoughts and my feelings. And you managed to have this space be full of hope and safety. To keep even my own judgements outside.

So. Truthfully I am writing this as much for you as for me. I’d like to list what comes to mind as I reflect on the work we did together:

We healed a part of my mother wound. And this made me a better mom to my toddler and my teenaged stepson.

We worked on my capacity to feel my feelings. Such a simple thing that made the most profound difference. Especially the work we did to identify and embody my innate feeling of safety. This rocked my world.

We worked on my limiting belief that I can’t have it all (it turns out that yes I can work in a corporate setting AND be a practicing coach)

We worked on defining my values. They continued to evolve and I feel with my whole soul that Liberty and Love is what I stand for.

We worked on my limiting beliefs surrounding authority figures and exam situations.

We worked on how I show up in relation to my partner, to my clients, and with triggering colleagues. All to make me aware of what’s within my power and what’s not.

I’m thinking back and what made the biggest difference was the exercise of me defining the feelings of my dream life. Because this gave me permission to not know the details of what I wanted but instead feel into the longing. And the thing about feelings is that we can only dream and long for emotions we’ve already had. So where do I already feel joy today? Where do I feel free? Where do I feel loved?

The time we spent together was time I spent loving myself, in your presence.

Thank you for witnessing me.

For holding the space.

For challenging me to believe that better is possible. That more is available.

Thank you.

xxx Cat

Coaching like you’ve never experienced it before!

The power loop

So how exactly does this transformation occur? Let me introduce you to my own unique coaching framework; The Power Loop!
The Power Loop is built in 4 stages and during your 1:1 coaching with me, you get to experience all of them!

From Fear to Power:

  • We'll work together to identify and release the fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.
  • We will look into your wounds to heal them, to make sure they are not standing in your way - no more self sabotaging!
  • You'll learn how to tap into your own inner strength and personal power, so you can start taking bold, heart-first actions towards achieving your goals.
Define Your Next Level Self
  • You’ll get to define your ideal self and build a crystal clear vision for your dream life.
  • You'll learn how to set specific and measurable goals, and take action towards achieving them.
  • This part is all about defining who you desire to be and manifesting your dreams!
  • You’ll step into your new identity as a leader of your own life.
Powerful Relationships:
  • We'll work together to develop powerful relationships – both with yourself, with others and with money.
  • You'll learn how to communicate effectively, healing your attachment, set boundaries and build a support system that will help you to achieve your goals.
  • You’ll be an emotional intelligence badass - not letting your fear or feelings stand in your way of true authentic connection.

Empowered, Honest & Free

  • In this final stage, you'll become empowered, honest, and free.
  • You'll learn how to live authentically and in alignment with your true self.
  • This stage is all about self expression, stop giving a fuck about what “people will think”, and go do the things, you desire to do!
  • You'll experience true freedom, joy, and happiness, and be able to achieve your big dreams!

"Through Laura I've experienced; More joy, more courage, more confidence. More subscribers to my newsletter. More followers on Instagram. More belief in my ability to run my business by doing what makes me happy. And I've created new offers, created from desire and joy

– Louise Dreibøl, Madmentor & Coach 

“This mentorship has given me a closer and more honest relationship with my partner. I have become a more present and loving mother. I now know how to set clear and loving boundaries and I have the courage to do so. I truly believe in my own business, and I have already taken steps I would never have imagined possible a few months back. Above all, Laura has helped me become aware of all the ways in which I have been self-sabotaging, and I now know myself in a more profound way than ever before.”

– Anne Camille, Ethnologist at Etnopoetik

Sign up for 1:1 coaching and you’ll receive:

  • A call a week (24 calls in 6 months or 48 calls in a year)
  • Voxer support between calls
  • Content library with programs & masterclasses
  • If you are in a 12-month 1:1 container you’ll receive access to every live program/masterclasses I teach in the duration of your 1:1 container
  • Actionable steps and homework to help you make progress between sessions

Minimum 6 months commitment
Inquire for current prices.

Your next level get’s to feel exciting. 

Your Vision Board Reality is closer than you think!

“Working with Laura has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself!”

–Maria Dritzati, Expat Coach

“Having Laura as my 1:1 coach & mentor has without a doubt been the best investment I have made in my business – and in my life!”

– Anne Camille, Ethnologist

Is this the right fit for you?

Working 1:1 with me is only for the spiritual business owners who are ready to step into their personal power, elevate their entire BEING in order to create the life of their dream.
Let’s explore if that’s you?

If this is you, then a 1:1 container with me is not your next powerful step: 

You are looking for a quick fix, a secret formula to solve all your problems in the blink of an eye.

You just scrolled all the way down here to see the price and then you are now reading this. If you are so scared about the money, then this isn’t for you.

You are looking for a friend to pat you on the back and tell you that’s it’s all the algorithms fault. 

You want to focus on deep emotional wounds from your personal life. My love, this is what therapists’ excell at!

But if this is you, then a 1:1 container with me is without a doubt worth it:

You feel stuck in your business and desire to completely realign it to your heart & soul! No more fitting yourself into a box!

Your emotions get the better of you, when something happen in your business, your emotional rollercoaster takes over and knocks you out — and now, you wanna be done with that!

You’ve listened to all the podcasts, read all the books – and are now ready to truly get to freaking work. Making the dream business your reality – the freedom, the money, the impact, the support of others. 

You are ready for some frying pan though love moments to get out of your blocks, limiting beliefs & stupid habits holding you back

You are ready to be a success story that blows your own god damn mind. On a daily basis. 

Got any last minute questions?

Perfect! Coz I’ve collected and created an FAQ just for you!

Q: How will I know I’ll get the results I desire?

A: You are 100% in control of the results you get from our time together. I cannot do the work for you, but I can show you every step – and support you as you let go of all the BS that’s holding you back!

Just like if I was your personal trainer at the gym. I’ll show you every exercise and be there alongside you, but you gotta be the one lifting the weights. 

Q: Do you only offer payment plans?

A: You can pay in full if that’s your preferred option! No worries, we’ll discuss your favorite way of payment on our connection call.

Q: I’m feeling very insecure and scared about making this investment, does that mean it’s not for me?

A: Only you know the true answer to that. But what I know to be true is this; investing in yourself is scary. Especially if you are rather new to it or if it is your first big investment that’s just focusing on YOU.

But here’s the T: Investing in YOU will always be your highest return of investment, because you are the only person you’ll spend every moment of your life with. And you are worthy of being invested in!

Q: Do you support me in my personal life as well?

A: Of course I do! Your personal life is a part of your dream life and therefore I’m happy to support you in all of these aspects! Having a business is a personal growth journey, so of course we will be working on that too.

Q: Do I have to change my entire life if we work together?

A: Oh no! You get to change exactly what doesn’t work FOR YOU. Only you know what’s true to your heart, I’m simply here to support you in deepening your process so you never again end up living a life based on other people’s expectations and needs and concerns!

Q: Do you only work with women?

A: No! I work with all the brave kings, queens & non-binary royalty! If you feel called to work with me, I can’t wait to hear from you!

So are you ready to stop living the life others expect of you,
and start living a life true to yourself?