Are you a few years in your Spiritual Business but still feeling like a Baby Business-Owner?

Evolve Mastermind is teaching you the Structure, Mindset and Energetics to become the Spiritual Leader not only your business, but you entire life.

Evolve is a Transformational Journey for Spiritual Entrepreneur who are ready to Grow and Step into their full Power and Leadership

– whilst honoring their Spiritual and Sensitive side.

Business can be overwhelming!


You desire support people in connecting further to their soul, to their being & creating a life in alignment. You truly have a soul purpose to be of service. You have a heart of gold & want to share yourur gifts and wisdom with the world. 

But how do you actually build a life of freedom, joy & financial freedom from this passion of yours? 

Business growth can be drowning being a solo-entrepreneur; what to create next? How to build for growth? How to evolve your business from baby business to established spiritual leader in your industry?


▷ The idea of running your business light you the F up – but the road to grow from where you are now to where you desire to be just seems impossible to find?

▷ You are feeling mentally overwhelmed but financially underwhelmed – and you’ve got no idea how to break this cycle

▷ You want your empathic & intuitive skills to be included in the way you run your business

▷ You are exhausted from being the only one to actually be making the new inititatives & hard decisions.

▷ You want to break out of living month-by-month unpredictable payments

▷ You desire your business to feel fun, flow & abundance in free time & money coming in!


Imagine never having to worry about the running of your business!


Simply enjoying making an impact in peoples lives every single day? You wake up in the morning, by yourself – no alarms here! A slow morning, something that used to be exclusive to Sundays are now your regular ever day morning. A calm start with yourself & your family, no rushing.

You open your calendar, immediately get the full overview of what’s on the agenda. All the things you love, sessions, teachings, speaks. Sharing your wisdom with your audience who can’t wait to hear what you got to say today.

With gratitude in your heart you get ready for your day, dressing like the CEO that YOU are, ready for another day of making the world a better place.

Maybe just pinching yourself as you get that first sip of coffee, thinking to yourself “is this actually my life?” – whispering a “thank you” to the former version of you, who never gave up.

This is just a glimpse of what awaits you when you combine spiritual wisdom with tangible business structure, empowered mindset & a soul aligned community to build your dream business!


▷ Most Spiritual Entrepreneurs are so fueled by passion that they don’t prioritize time to actually build their business to support them – resulting in burn out.

▷ Most Spiritual Entrepreneurs are so passionate about making a difference and support their clients, they forget to support themselves by building the needed structure & mindset.

▷ Most Spiritual Entrepreneurs experience loneliness as a result of being self employed.

Just think about it;

How good would you feel waking up in the morning, knowing you are always fully supported in your mission to make the world a better place? Supported by Spirit, by a group of peers, by a mentor who always believes in you in your power.

Imagine having build a business that never compromises the freedom you desire, where working less doesn’t have to mean earning less or having less impact?

You get to be free AF, make money, feel supported & aligned – without sacreficing your desire to help others.

It’s waiting for you to claim it!

There’s a reason why I know this.. I learned it the hard way!


Hi I’m Laura Loop – Power Poach & Business Clairvoyant.

I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to create a life where you actually live your soul’s purpose. I started my business back in 2018, going full time in 2020 during lockdown. I was all alone, didn’t know what I was doing, hustled away working 10-15h days from a place of scarcity & complete overwhelm.

I was drowning in to-do-lists located in multiple different journal scattered all over my apartment. Knowing what to do but not having either energy nor the know how to actually do it.

Being the virgo that I am, I pulled up my sleves and got to work.

Structuring the F out of my business, creating a complete overview of everything. But I still felt alone and didn’t really know how to put my new knowledge into action.


I joined a mastermind and everything changed!

I joined a mastermind to connect to like minded spiritual entrepreneurs who would support me both during the mastermind and after it ended. I knew I needed to connect to likeminded people, someone who I could rund ideas by, get feedback from, grow with. And most importantly; they had to be spiritual, like me. I knew I was building my future with spirituality being a big part of it, so I chose to connect with likeminded rebellious soulpreneurs who were on a similar journey as me.

I joined my first mastermind in the summer of 2020. I still talk to the women from the group on monthly calls. Since I’ve been in multiple masterminds and I can honestly say – it’s the #1 reason why I’ve learned to lean into my spirituality & lead from that in my business.

Today I feel fully supported – by my community & by Spirit.

I channel for myself & my clients on a regular basis always taking aligned action towards my dreams. My business is working FOR me – giving me all the freedom I love and adore, now working 20-25h a week.

All while making an impact, changing the world – and making money to sustain the lifestyle I desire.

Join EVOLVE – The Mastermind

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want a business that doesn’t compromise their freedom based life while still making money & changing the world

In only 4 months this could become your reality;


▷ Your business has evolved – and tha path for future 20k-30k months are all laid out there for you! 

▷ Overwhlelm is long gone – crystal clarity for your next step is here to stay! 

▷ Your mindset is so empowered, you never doubt what to do when a hard choice presents itself. Because you trust you whole heartedly. 

▷ You’ve build the most loving boundaries serving you and your clients at a deeper level

▷ You are doing what you love every day and you are making the world a better place!

▷ You’ve built an amazing community with likeminded Spiritual Entrepreneurs where you support each other 

▷ You have all the time freedom you desire, never having to compromise spending time with your family or simply just enjoying life

This is EVOLVE:

Over 4 months, we’ll dive into:

How to Structure Your Business

so it Works FOR you

Like a Virgo – The Full Course

(pre-recorded to be watched whenever you please!)


  • Build for unstoppable growth from the start – get ready to scale & hire in support.
  • Create everything backend to work smarter – not harder!
  • Build to support your clients in the most expansive & luxurious way

How to step into your CEO mindset

The Empowered CEO – The Full Course

(pre-recorded to be watched whenever you please!)


  • Never give away your power to the difficult situations in business – eg. clients overstepping your boundaries, algorithm kicking your gorgeous butt or the void when it looks like nothing is happening
  • The mindset behind a social media based business – never let your marketing on social media get you down + you get to know what & how to post for a soul aligned business
  • Define yourself as the CEO of your dreams – with the money mindset to match!

In addition to these powerful teaching, you’ll receive:


Weekly channeling & hot seat coaching

  • Channelling for the community; Tapping into Spirit every week for our common guidance
  • Q&A time for the modules from the programs that dropped during the week
  • Hot seat coaching – 1:1 coaching in front of the group. Hear others ask the questions you didn’t know you had + let others be inspired by you. A great way to practice being seen as the empowered spiritual entrepreneur that you are!


Voxer thread for the group

  • Group chat to connect to each other every day as you EVOLVE
  • I am present in the chat weekly tuesday-friday to answer any questions you might have!
  • Celebrate all your wins with the group to create a vortex of celebration – creating a community library of evidence of what’s possible for YOU.

This price of all this is only:

DKK:  PIF: 20.000 ex. moms or 4 x Monthly rates: 5.000 DKK ex. moms

USD: PIF $3,600 or 4 x Monthly rates: $900

Want to make sure EVOLVE is right for you? Go through this check list!

If you are committed to the following, then EVOLVE is NOT the place for you:

  • You think you “can do it all” on your own and you take pride in wearing the 100% self-made badge, not having received any support along the way.
  • Not wanting to be seen in your vulnerability. Wanting to simply be a fly on the wall and observe others doing the work, take inspiration from them & not contributing to the community.
  • Hustle culture – if you want to keep the belief that “running a business is hard & you have to work 80h weeks to succeed”
  • Don’t want to take actual action – only dream and complain about how hard it is. Being stuck in fear & scarcity mode, not wanting to let that old BS story go.


But if this is you, then EVOLVE is without a doubt the place for you to BE;

  • You want to create a business that’s easy to run – carving out lots of free time to do whatever you want.
  • You want to make money doing what you love without burning out
  • You want a community of likeminded spiritual entrepreneurs that support each other
  • You want to learn how to structure your business with easy & get it set up for unstoppable growth!
  • You want to embody being the empowered spiritual CEO of your business

FAQ: Got questions?

I got you!


⤐ Do we get access to the programs (CEO & Virgo) at once?

Modules from the two courses will be released weekly, allowing for implementation time while you can ask any questions you may have on the calls & in the voxer thread.


⤐ Is there replay?

Of course!

Like A Virgo & The Empowered CEO is lifetime access.

Our community call will have replay until one month after Evolve is complete. Your stories and vulnerable shares are not meant to live out there on the internet forever. It is a safe space and we all treat it as such.

The voxer thread: Laura leaves the thread as the container ends, so you get to stay there with your community.


⤐ Is there a 1:1 add-on option?

Oh yes there is. Book a free connection call and let’s discuss which option is best for you!


When do we start?

EVOLVE Spring 2024 starts March 14th. And runs weekly until June 28th. 

Are You Ready to EVOLVE Into the Spiritual Entrepreneur Who Has a Business That Doesn’t Compromise YOUR Freedom Based Life While Still Making Money & Changing the World?