Welcome to your next big Leap!!


I’m Laura Loop – Power Coach & Business Psychic


In this 10 module course you’ll learn:


⤐ The 7 blocks holding you back in life

⤐ Why they are there & what they mean

⤐ How to overcome the blocks

⤐ To take the leap of your dream!


We are going to build your Courage by leveraging your Personal Power. I’m going to lead you through every single step towards Your Big Leap.

To gain the most from this course I advice you watch a module a day and do the home work attached at the end of each module. I’m handling you every single piece you’ll need, but you got to do the work yourself.


This course was a direct download from Spirit back in December of 2022 partly based on the principles of Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s not been edited as I love the autenthicity of unedited videos. Any offers mentioned in the videos are expired.

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