7 steps to personal power

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Reasons for this article is relevant:

1. reason  – Learn how you can step into your personal power NOW

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7 steps to personal power

How to step into your personal power – or how to reclaim it!

Feeling stuck, sad or simply just numb? I got you.

Today I was interview by an amazing powerhouse, who had asked me for steps to reclaim and realign to personal power.

So… I made the steps!

And I wanted to share them with you (hence, this piece is a keeper! Bookmark it honey!)


Why reclaim and return to your power?

Because that’s your essence.

Your power is who you are.

Before the world told you who to be.

Your power is you.


Step 1: Incorporate your new mantra: “Then I’ll handle that too”

This is going to be your mantra.

Your truth.

Because it is your truth.

You’ve survived 100% of the BS you thought you wouldn’t survive. You are a badass powerful being. So you’ll handle that too – whatever it is.


Step 2: Create a non-negotiable practice 

Choose one thing and do it every day. Every. Damn. Day.

Whatever the thing is it doesn’t matter. Just choose one thing and do it every day – no matter what.

May it be drink 2L of water, yoga, journaling, meditation, 10.000 steps. Doesn’t matter.

Choose one practice. And dedicate yourself completely to it.

This will built your trust in yourself.

Your trust in knowing, you got you – no matter what.

And once you know, that you got you no matter what – jumping outside your comfort zone suddenly doesn’t feel so scary any more. Because you know you got you.


Step 3: Shift your perspective

You cannot control everything you’ll ever experience, everything that will happen to you but you can always control how you decide your perception about it – and your attitude towards it.

You might not be able to change the situation but you can look at it as an AFGO (Another Fucking Growth Opportunity).

You can choose it view the situation as an invitation to deepen your journey to your full potential. Every AFGO is an invitation to rise. To become more true to you. To who you are at your core.

Step 4: MOVE BABY!

You gotta move your body, love.

As you experience emotions (emotions = energy in motion), your body will experience high energy. Which is good! Use it.

Go use your body, move it in a way that feels good for you. Wether it be on the yoga mat like me, or you go swimming, paddle tennis or whatever. The form of movement doesn’t matter – the movement matters!


Step 5: Learn to sit with discomfort!

To reclaim our power we need to learn how to sit with discomfort!


Because in order to live the life of your dreams, you need to grow. Growing is uncomfortable, because it means you need to leave your comfort zone. Which we humans do not like.

So in order to feel safe and embodied in reclaiming your power, making the hard decisions that leads to a more aligned life – we need practice. Just like the gym.

How do we practice? Simple. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

Eg. Ice baths, yin yoga deep stretches, heat exposure etc.

Try placing your hands in ice water every day for 30 days and see how much you can relax within the challenge.

As you can learn to simply be and breathe in the discomfort of ice water, you’ll be able to do the same in hard conversations, stepping outside your comfort zone, placing boundaries – and so much more!


Step 6: Loving curiosity

This is an important step. We need to look at ourselves with loving curiosity – not judgement.

Instead of going “why was I so stupid I did that?!” ask: “How come did I feel like this was the right solution at the time? Why did this choice make me feel safe?”

Ask are loving curios – like we would be with a child.

(And yes, this is inner-child work, baby!)

Step 7: The most loving question

When faced with a choice, come back to your power by asking: What would a person, who loves themselves do in this situation?

This is my personal favorite question, I always come back to.

It can be used within any situation.

What to eat for dinner. What to wear. What steps to take next. To quit your job or not.

Any thing!



These are the 7 steps to reclaiming your power!

I hope you’ll use them on your journey.

If you desire support to embody these practices and work with me, read all about it right here – or go straight to booking your own 1:1 connection call and let’s talk all about it!


All power to you!

xoxo Laura