About Laura

My journey

The one line version of my story is this:

I went from being crippled with anxiety to build a sustainable online business based on my biggest passion.



My passion for personal power

What is personal power?

Why is personal power THE most important thing, you can work on in your personal development?

This is my fundamental core belief. If I am to choose just ONE thing to focus on while doing personal development work it would be; personal power.

Your personal power is your strength, resilience, bravery. It is YOU.

At your core you are a powerful being, who can create anything you want.

Personal power is not a forcing energy. It is the inner strength that can’t be shaken by outer circumstances.

When you live in your personal power, you KNOW, that no matter what challenges that will arise, you will be okay. No matter what happens, you’ll be able to handle that too.

Living in your personal power means; you live the life, you desire.
  • No. Matter. What.
  • No matter if people don’t understand your choice.
  • No matter if you don’t know people who live like that (yet!).
  • No matter if the weather is bad.
  • No matter if your family don’t think it’s a good idea.
  • No matter what external factor is trying to keep you from living your dream.
  • You living in your personal power means; You live the life your desire to live.
This is my heart beat

the freedom to be yourself

I’ve had to untangle myself from many limiting beliefs, stories and BS of my surroundings. I’m sure you are feeling trapped in external BS too. I get it.

Every single human on this earth can create the life of their dreams. It has never been easier. More accessible than it is right now.

The only thing you need is this;
Stepping into your personal power.

Personal power is not just about achieving success, it’s about creating a life that aligns with your values, passions and desires. It’s about living a life that truly matters to you. Investing in your personal power is the most important thing you can do for yourself, and I am here to help you on that journey.

“We are not brought up to live in our personal power.
We are brought up to be a piece of society – on its demands.
And I say; Fuck that.”

– Laura Loop

My story

From crippled by anxiety to online entrepreneur

Having been in the online space since 2019, one would think I found it easy to simply riff my story and share it. But honestly my story is complex, just like yours. Our stories of our lives are never simple tales of joy and sadness. They are complex stories with intertwined storylines, characters coming in, characters leaving.

I want to start my story in 2016; the year my anxiety peaked.

My days looked like this; I woke up, crying. Tried to hold back the tears until my ex boyfriend would leave the house, I’d break down. Pick myself back up. Waterproof mascara. And off to uni/work. I’d lock myself in the bathroom to let my tears flow. Several times a day. Heading home. Numb. Home. Numbing myself watching the same tv show over and over and over. Cry. And cry myself to sleep.

I remember being so embarrassed. I had “the perfect life”. A boyfriend. A great apartment. The world’s cutest dog. Was doing great at uni. Got a job at uni. Alongside my other student jobs. But I was utterly unhappy. **Takes a moment to wipe a tear away as I write this thinking about 2016-Laura**

On New Year Eve I broke a wine glass. A vintage one that I loved. And it ruined my night. And that was the moment I chose to change my life.

I remember thinking “a broken wineglass can’t be the reason I’m this unhappy. I must do something different”.
Choosing me – So I did.

I left my partner. I moved in with my grandmother, because I had no where else to go.

I chose a mantra for this new chapter; Is it what I want – and does it make me happy?

If yes and yes, that was the right decision for me. If not? Then I wouldn’t do it.

This is when I bought my first ever self development book. I clearly remember being so drawn to it, and still feeling embarrassed that I felt the need to buy it. But I bought it none the less.

And then my world opened up. And my life changed. For ever.

I made a commitment to myself;
I am going to be happy.

Ever since I’ve been on a steep learning curve – and a bumpy fucking ride of a healing rollercoaster. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

I started following inspirational profiles on instagram, buying a new book, watching a youtube masterclass, discovering a podcast. Talking to new people. Expanding my horizon.

A woman I knew shared about numerology, and I booked a reading to support her business. Little did I know, that numerology would later become my entry into being self employed – another massive chapter of my life.


2018: Bachelor & Masters degree in Ethnology

2018: Certified Numerologist

2019: Certified Yoga Teacher

2020: Certified Coach

2022: Certified Sexologist (basic level)

2023: Certified Clairvoyant

If you never try, you never know.

Numerology had caught my interest, and as a researcher I knew what to do; LEARN IT ALL.

I dove deep into it and signed up for the most advanced numerology course in the country, took the certification. And started practicing and reading charts until my eyes hurt.

This is also when I changed my name. Laura is my chosen name. And I love it so much I feel butterflies inside when someone call me by my name.

At this point I was working in health care research and I was set to do a PhD. I was creating the application, networking with professors and really setting my hopes up. A PhD – that must be the thing for me!

But it wasn’t. As much as I loved to work in research, I knew I wasn’t meant to do it as a career. Something different was calling me but I didn’t understand what?

So how do you find out what you want to do with your life?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve been pondering it too.

What I did? I followed everything that brought me joy. And after a year working fulltime in research, I left to go to India to become a yoga teacher!

I wanted to deepen my practice. Connect with myself. Understand what my body was telling me after years of anxiety, I wanted to really listen to it.

Coming back from India, I had to apply for new jobs. But I didn’t like any of the jobs I found and applied for. They never felt good, right, fun, interesting.

I just wanted to do yoga. And read numerology charts.

Numerology - some BS spiritual stuff that is created to fool people?!

So in the fall of 2019 I created an instagram account. And simply started speaking about yoga and numerology – and how to find the thing that sets your soul on fire and makes you happy.

I got a teaching job at a yoga studio. I got a teaching job at a professional football team. I got a lot of numerology readings booked. I even started selling coaching – before I took my coaching certification. It all quickly came to be about the same theme; Personal Power.

In your body via yoga. In spirit via numerology. In mind via coaching.

I let go of the dream I once had; a PhD – and I found a dream my soul had always whispered; Empowerment to create joy.

The path was getting more and more clear. And in March 2020 – I took the leap to be full time self employed in my business using my life long saying;

If you never try, you never know.

I’ve lived fulltime from my business since March 2020. It’s been a ride. I created an online coaching business in the midst of being in lockdown due to the global pandemic.

And now?

Now I’ve scaled my business, supporting brave souls like yourself to create the life of your dreams by stepping into your personal power.

I support you in your personal life, relationships – and now also how to build a business from your heart fueled by your passion & personal power.

10 fun facts about me

It’s always fun to get to know each other on fun different facts!
So here you go, 10 weird fun facts about me!
  1. I believe dogs are angels walking this earth without wings to make it a happier place. Dog spelled backwards is God – coincidence? I think not.
  2. Downton Abbey is my absolute favorite TV show – and I still cry every time I watch it.
  3. I’m not a foodie – I get more joy from a great cup of coffee, glass of amazing wine or yummy tea.
  4. I’m born and raised in Copenhagen – and I love this city so much.
  5. I’ve moved 21 times through out my life
  6. I remember always running away as a kid (free spirit!)
  7. I’m a history N-E-R-D. If I wasn’t doing this work, I’d work with history.
  8. I’ve got a scar from when a monkey bit me in Vietnam. I tried to pet it. He didn’t want to be friends.
  9. I do yoga every day and it took me more than 10 years to build up a daily practice
  10. The thing I dislike the most about my business is doing graphics in canva.