Terms & conditions


Business; Higher Shine Unleashed
Owner: Laura Aurora Loop
Tagensvej 196E
2400 Copenhagen NV
Email: hello@lauraloop.com
CVR no. 39965771


In Higher Shine Unleashed, Coach Laura Aurora Loop offers the following services:
– Individual online coaching programs
– Group online coaching programs
– Individual online numerological interpretations
– Individual/business owner online mentorship sessions
– Online courses
– Single masterclasses
– Digital numerological prints and audio files (digital products)

All services are provided online.

Individual coaching programs are agreed upon between the client and Laura Loop and a unique client contract is created for each 1:1 container.

Programs with a fixed frame are completed within the defined framework.


Payments are made in either US dollars or Danish Kroner.

Payment is made via a payment link or by bank transfer with invoice.

Payments with MobilePay, card, or bank transfer must be made no later than 3 working days before the service is delivered. The payment link is linked to the payment solution EasyMe, from which there can be a digital payment via bank transfer or payment via the customer’s payment card for an installment plan.
It is the customer’s responsibility to provide documentation of the paid service.

Prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.
Installment plans incurs a fee.

Coaching and teaching programs are delivered after payment and customers gradually gain access to the modules as the live program builds.

Online courses function as self-studies and full access to the purchased course is given upon payment.

When the customer books a spot on a program and invoices are issued, the customer is obligated to pay all issued invoices. If invoices are issued, the program cannot be canceled.


Prepaid sessions are not refundable.

If you are unable to attend your session at the given time, you can move your session without fees etc., provided the cancellation is made no later than 24 hours before the session.

If the cancellation is given later than 24 hours before the session, you do not have the option to move your session to a later time.


If cancellation is made by Laura Loop, you are entitled to have a new session or new program planned at no cost. Laura Loop or her team will contact you with information about the sick leave and suggestions for a new date and time for the implementation.

If Laura Loop is off sick for a period of 6 months or more, the full amount of the session, the remaining part of the program, or the entire program will be refunded, depending on what has been paid for and what part cannot be implemented. This is determined on a case to case basis.


Online courses:** Upon purchase of the online course, the customer will receive the full course upon payment. The course is accessed through the EasyMe service or in a closed facebook group, where the customer will receive a login and password to access the course. The online course is personal and may not be shared with others.

**Digital print:** Upon purchase of a digital numerology print, the customer submits their information for the print and will receive a print at the provided email address within 14 days after payment has been received by Laura Loop.

**Digital audio file**: Upon purchase of a numerology interpretation on audio file, the customer will receive an audio file recorded based on their submitted information within 14 days after payment. The audio file is approximately 30 minutes long and received as an MP3 file. Laura Loop does not commit to converting the audio file to any other format except MP3.


All rights to workshops, courses, course materials, illustrations, pictures, and digital products belong to Laura Loop.
Any product and service is personal and therefore may not be sold, lent, given away, or otherwise distributed without prior written agreement with Laura Loop.


There is no return policy.