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Want to know how it is to work with me? And to hear the tea from someone who’s not me? Listen to my amazing brave clients sharing their stories right here!

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Maria Attrup

Working with Laura 1:1 has been the wildest journey!!
In the sessions with her, I found myself again.

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I found my way in life, and I found the courage to take action towards my dreams.

She met me in my worries and my feelings, AND she always kept talking to and believing in my next level self.

I now know, that if I really want something, it will always be possible. And if I want to get there fast, I just need some sessions with Laura!

After the first round of sessions I went from self doubt to falling in love with the person I was becoming. After the second round I had started a business with clients from day one!

Anne Camille

“Having Laura as my 1:1 mentor has without a doubt been the best investment I have made in my business – and in my life.

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I dreamed of creating my own business, but I did not have the courage to do so. I contacted Laura, because I wanted her to help me with exactly that – finding the power within myself to go for my dreams.

Little did I know she would end up supporting me in all areas of my life, where I struggled to stand up for and believe in myself. I have been her client for less than 6 months and I can honestly say that I today feel more confident than ever before in my adult life.

Besides actually being on the verge of making money off of my dream, this mentorship has given me a closer and more honest relationship with my partner.

I have become a more present and loving mother. I now know how to set clear and loving boundaries and I have the courage to do so. I truly believe in my own business, and I have already taken steps I would never have imagined possible a few months back. Above all, Laura has helped me become aware of all the ways in which I have been self-sabotaging, and I now know myself in a more profound way than ever before.

A session with Laura is a literal safe space where you can talk about anything. She is caring, loving and attentive – and she is honest. You can always trust that she will be honest with you, and she will never allow you to stand in the way of yourself. She truly sees you – and believes in you.

And besides all the above, she has helped me with structuring my work, time management, building my brand, my money mindset, business boundaries, communication on social media, webpage design – and so much more.

I highly and truly recommend having Laura as a mentor!”

Maria Dritzali

I am more authentic, more intentional, more aligned, and more in touch with my personal power, that I have ever been before/em>

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Working with Laura has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself 💖 She’s like a fountain of knowledge, and everything she teaches comes with clear tools and action steps, so you can use it straight away 🔥

In our 1:1’s Laura has created an absolute safe space. A space where I can share everything, even the most vulnerable parts of me (that are often standing in the way of where I want to go). A space where I feel seen and heard and held. A space where I am guaranteed to be called out on any and all b***s*** that surfaces.

Today, I am more authentic, more intentional, more aligned, and more in touch with my personal power, that I have ever been before, and I owe that to this powerhouse of a coach, business mentor, and absolutely amazing human being 💖💚

Malou Nordlund

“Laura supported me in the biggest up-level of my life

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as I said NO THANK YOU to a mediocore life and YES PLEASE to my hearts’ desires”

Cathrine Linde Jensen

“Laura has this perfect combination of soft touch, iron grip, and dry wit.

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I leave our coaching sessions having been challenged in ways that stretches me and also with this beautiful sense of having been fully seen and gently held.
It sounds like poetry but I guess that’s what I get from a session with Laura. Poetry for my heart, mind and soul.
Laura has been able to mirror and match me in my highest highs and my lowest lows, adding a depth to my reflective practice I’ve searched and hoped for but never found anywhere else.
And she does it all with an open heart and a strong soul, leading by example.
I am honoured to be in her energy and her space. And I am committed to match her energy and continue to claim my own personal magic.

“I went from having very negative thoughts about myself every single day to now where they almost never show up! ”

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“I went from having very negative thoughts about myself every single day to now where they almost never show up! And if they do; I’ve got all the tools to release them! In just 2 weeks I felt the difference”

“I am happier and more positive”

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“I am happier and more positive, I’m much more selfloving, better at placing boundaries and I’m a hundred times better at communicating with my loved ones because I now understand myself better – and therefore I actually say how I feel. My 1:1 container with Laura has had a defining role for me in creating the courage to leap into creating the life of my dreams!”