Real, raw, authentic, vulnerable, powerful (ugly) honest truths about being a business owner

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Reasons for this article is relevant:

1. reason  – You’ll get some truths about owning a business

2. reason  – You’ll learn why YOU are your biggest asset 

3. reason  – You’ll learn what you need when you build a business


Real, raw, authentic, vulnerable, powerful (ugly) honest truths about being a business owner

1: You will always need to rise

You’ll always be tested in your ability to hold your power.

  • Clients not paying?
  • Refund requests?
  • Fire team members?
  • Handle complaints?

There are so many things, you got to learn to navigate within: and that takes you working on your personal power

2: You will loose relationships

As you start to create a life of your dreams being a business owner, you will more often than not end up loosing friends along the way, simple because you no longer have things in common.

Also: You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so you gotta find people who are also willing to grow, evolve & expand.


3: You will trigger people

If you are building a business, I’d say there is 100% guarantee that you’ll trigger people; either by what you sell, how you market, your branding or your message.

And that’s a good thing! If you don’t trigger anyone, your POV doesn’t come across. Don’t be scared to speak up, your clients will love you extra for speaking the f* up!


4: You will need structure

No matter how spiritual your business is, or how much you love being in your feminine essence, you will always need structure. You got to be willing to work for your business, because a business takes work. It doesn’t mean it has to be hard to have a business, but it does involve hard work. It involves showing up and doing the hard things. And if you want to built steadiness & reoccurring revenue: you need structure.

5: You will make mistakes & fail

You will make mistakes in your business, and you will fail: and that is how it’s supposed to be.

You need to push yourself to expand yourself, and that sometimes mean trying something new and failing. And that’s good. Because that means you get to learn and grow and become wiser.

6: You will feel alone

If you don’t make it a priority to be around other business owners, who can understand what you are going through: you will feel alone.

You need to prioritize being in community with other business owners and have a coach/mentor so you are supported.


7: You are your biggest enemy

Your mind will always try to self-sabotage. Your mind will fuck you up in ways, no one else can. Your mind will call quit the moment it becomes hard, when things doesn’t work as you want them to.

You need to work on your personal power, because that’s why you’ll rely on, when the world is wobbly. You are your most important investment; your ROI is always highest.


8: If you don’t invest in you..

Why would anyone invest in you, if you are not willing to? Stop jumping from freebie-hunt to freebie-hunt, chasing a free fix for your business. Find a coach/mentor, commit yourself to learning from them, and stay consistant with your support.

Stop looking for the cheapest option, and take the leap to invest in the one, that sets your soul on fire.

xoxo Laura