The 9 keys to step into your CEO-self!

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Reasons for this article is relevant:

1. reason  – Get the inside scoop of being a CEO

2. reason  – Learn how to think like a CEO

3. reason  – Self care & healing as a strategy


You want to run your own business? Get into the mind of a CEO right here! 

1: Take CEO-decisions

YOU choose what and who is right for your business – not the other way around.

You get to choose…. It all.

It is your business. That’s the most amazing thing, if you ask me. You really do get to decide it all on your own. You need no one’s approval – if that isn’t freedom, then I don’t know what is!

And your CEO-decisions are also what is supporting you in finding solutions to problems. Your superpower as an entrepreneur is to always find a solution!

2: Release your scarcity mindset and commit to a growth mindset!

Quit making decisions based on the money, fear or self doubt – and instead make your decisions based on where it will lead you.

Eg. Investing in a mentor?

Scarcity mindset: Omg that’s so much money! What if it doesn’t work! How will I make my ROI?!

Growth mindset: Who will I become having made this commitment? How much time can I save (in googling, panic-ing, mindfucking myself) having 1:1 access to this mentor?

Always be in your growth mindset, that’s what’s gonna make you… Grow.

(And remember; everything growths or dies… humans too. That’s just law of nature)

3: Allow yourself to receive support – and delegate what doesn’t make sense to you!

If you hate your bookkeeping, then hire someone who can do it for you!

If you have no idea how to built backend systems, hire a VA to do their magic!

If you don’t enjoy building websites, hire a website magician!

4: Stay in your zone of GENUIS & your zone of FUN

Your business needs to be anchored in what you are are good at and what you enjoy doing!

I would never built a business making websites, just because I can, because I find it boring.

You didn’t become a business owner to make shitty & boring chores.

So stop offering them!

Allow yourself to be in your passion & fun!

5: Live as your CEO-self!

Being a CEO of a business is now a part of your identity. It is who you are – it’s not just a job, you created. You built a business, {{ user.first_name }}!

So make sure to catch yourself, when you are falling back into your comfort zone – and get your ass out of there.

You cannot step into your CEO-self, if you continue to play small.

6: Be more Y-O-U!

You are magnetic and inspiring!! Share your magic with the world!

The more you, that you are – they more money you make.

When we fall in love with you, we want to invest in you.

7: Surround yourself with people who get it – and who will hold you to your highest self

When you believe in yourself, you are unstoppable.

When you have people in your corner, who believe madly in you, you cannot fail in making your business the success you desire.

You deserve support!

8: Self-care baby!!

You taking care of YOU is the most important in your business.

You need to prioritize YOU first.

You are the one delivering your offers, making the magic – you need to be ok to do so.

9: Invest in support; energetically, timely & financially

A mentor is – in my opinion – the fastest way to get you to where you want to go. And it is the very first thing you should invest in.

A business mentor is more important than a new website, a fancy logo or a perfect instagram grid.

I hope these 9 keys were helpful to you!

Looking for more inspiration on how to step into your CEO-self? Then my online course The Empowered CEO is your next step!

Until next time,

All power to you!

xoxo Laura