We are hardwired for connection

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Reasons for this article is relevant:

1. reason  – You are going to learn how the human brain is designed

2. reason  – You’ll understand why we all need support

3. reason  – You’ll be able to cut yourself some slack knowing this


We are social beings with a brain wired for fear

You are probably self-sabotaging & standing in the way for your dreams to come true.

We humans are social beings with a brain wired for fear.


I know.

This kinda sucks, especially the fear part.

Let’s look into it.


We humans are social creatures, which means we are DESIGNED to be around other humans.

We are not designed to live, create & be like a lone wolf. (Not even wolfs are meant to be alone, I think, well.. I don’t know. Loosing track here. Back to the point)

Humans are hard wired for connection.

Without connection we cannot thrive.


That’s why loneliness is so hard to navigate.

And why the fear of what others might think is such a deep felt one.


And speaking of fear.

That’s the next thing that ties to this.


Our brain is DESIGNED to find things that could kills us (good old sabeltooth tiger), to warn us, so that we can stay safe & not die.

That’s pretty smart.

That actually means that fear is your friend.

We all feel fear.

I teach about navigating fear and turning it to power – and I still feel fear every day. That’s how we humans are DESIGNED.

You might have noticed by now, that I’ve written DESIGNED in fat capital letters. It’s because I want to emphasize it.


Because so many of us try to live, be & create fighting the way humans beings are DESIGNED to function.


We are hardwired for connection.

We are hardwired for fear.


Yet somehow when we decide to go after our dreams, make a difference in the world, create a business.. We don’t hire support. We try to do it alone. Which means we also try to navigate our fears alone.


The exact opposite of how we are designed to do things.

… Feeling caught in the action?


I know. Me too.

I’ve been trying this multiple times.


I’ve tried to go without a coach, a person who can support me & who can help me navigate my fears when they arise.

When I’ve been without a coach.. I’ve spiralled into a negative loop.


Self doubt. Fear. Scarcity. Lack. Feeling lonely. Everything is hard. Wanting to give up.

It got harder & harder.

Until it finally clicked for me.


I’m just not DESIGNED or meant to do it all by myself.

I was fighting how I was designed to function as a human being.

No wonder it all became hard.


So.. I hired a mentor/coach. She’s both and more.

It’s a big thing to hire support.


But it is without a doubt the FIRST THING you should do when you want to create your dream life. Without support you sign up on a journey fighting how you are DESIGNED, my love.


You make it harder, than it is.

You are secretly self-sabotaging it all.

Your fear of hiring support… Is what makes this journey so though on you.

You deserve support. Abundance of it.

And it makes it a whole lot more FUN!

xoxo Laura